Veterans’ Angry Letter To Trump May Be The Thing That FINALLY Kills His Candidacy

Republicans love using veterans for political props as much as they love pretending to be working class heroes. But since chicken sh*t hawks love it when some middle-class parent’s kid does the fighting to fatten their defense portfolios, it’s important to expose them as such whenever humanly possible.

One of the most egregious and mind-boggling hypocrisies is when Republicans cut veterans’ benefits — all while hypocritically draping themselves in the flag and whoring it out like it was a brothel worker. If that’s the case, then Donald Trump is the brothel owner.

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Despite trying to present himself as a hero among our active and inactive troops, including promising to make a huge donation to veterans only to never actually make it, our uniformed men and women are about as impressed with Trump as Megyn Kelly is. In fact, roughly 50 influential military veterans released a statement earlier this month that calls on Trump to show respect for the country’s veterans. Moreover,  donate the millions of dollars he allegedly raised during a fundraiser several months ago.

Here’s the blistering letter below: 

Donald Trump recently discovered a new love for America’s veterans, promising that a Trump administration will ‘treat them really, really well.’ Yet after a publicity stunt earlier this year when he ditched a GOP debate to hold an event on behalf of veterans, his campaign still hasn’t distributed more than half of the $6 million dollars it allegedly raised. They don’t even know where that money has gone. And worse, this is part of a long pattern of the real Donald J. Trump, who for over a decade tried to get disabled veterans, legally operating as street vendors, thrown off of Fifth Avenue in New York City. He said that these Americans, who were simply trying to earn a living in the country they gave so much to defend, were ‘clogging and seriously downgrading the area.’

And yet, even as Donald Trump denigrates our nation’s current veterans, he’s putting our future veterans at risk with a risky and incoherent foreign policy. Republican and Democratic national security professionals agree that a Trump administration would make America dangerously less safe while reducing its standing and influence in the world. His embrace of both military adventurism and isolationism, and his support of the use of torture will not only recklessly place our troops in harm’s way, but will dramatically increase the risk to our service members serving in operations overseas. Trump’s policies are detrimental to the young men and women who volunteer to serve this country, from the moment they join the armed services to the end of their career, civilian or military. He can’t be trusted, by our veterans or anyone else.

It’s time for Donald Trump to stop using vets as political props, donate the rest of the money he raised and build a real understanding of the needs and concerns of the men and women who have served America.

Trump is the type of guy who would say he loves puppies on television, only to go backstage and kick a few trying to get onto his luxurious jet.  He had no intentions of ever donating money to Veterans and merely found a great opportunity to exploit a sensitive topic. But it’s not just him breaking his word that matters; it’s his freighting lack of anything remotely resembling a viable foreign policy, which is crucial to our fighting men and women.

Featured image via Veterans Challenge Islamophobia


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