Vet Gifts Trump His Purple Heart And Trump Mocks The Sacrifice With Shocking Response

Donald Trump often says the wrong thing. Sometimes the result is funny, other times the result is macabre. This time, the result is the mockery of a gift which Trump clearly doesn’t understand. When Trump was recently gifted a real Purple Heart, by a veteran, his response was that he had “always wanted to get a Purple Heart, but this was much easier.”

Seriously. Yes, this is yet another Trump gaffe, and he is going to whine that the media is spinning it because he also said that the gift was “quite an honor.” However, that would be ignoring a very striking fact: you get the Purple Heart for being wounded while serving this country in the military. Trump never served, in fact, he appeared to have avoided serving if his draft deferments were any indication.

Trump wants all the awards, it seems especially if he doesn’t have to earn them. It is pretty clear that although he states he always wanted one, he never attempted to earn one. In fact, no one really goes into the service hoping to be wounded. Either he didn’t know what a Purple Heart is for, or he was clearly showing us who he is, again.

A spoiled rotten brat with a penchant for shiny things and accolades, which he is used to receiving with very little effort. Then using those same “awards” to turn a profit, trading what others have to struggle to receive for leverage he never earned and doesn’t understand.

Trump has equated his time in an expensive boarding school to serving this country. He has also stated, back in 2004 that STDs and dating were like Vietnam and Iraq. This is the man that just claimed to have “always wanted” a Purple Heart, making a complete mockery of a gift of which he will never grasp the importance.

Sick and sad are the two words that come to mind when it comes to Trump’s consistent practice of equating his fluffy life experiences to those of our military personnel. When it comes to the way this man treated the gift of blood and effort that he received, and immediately traded for prestige, the words that more accurately describe this are thoughtless, disrespectful, and mocking.

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