Van Jones Has An APOCALYPTIC Warning For Democrats Concerning Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Van Jones, a former aid to President Obama and current CNN contributor, had a dark premonition for his fellow Democrats concerning Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump. Jones said point blank that Trump “probably will win the presidency” come November.

Jones believes that pundits have it backwards when it comes to Trump’s success. Many speculate that Trump’s been breaking all the rules, but Jones argues the billionaire is better at “conforming” to the new rules of political engagement that other candidates have barely begun to learn.

Jones cited Trump’s use of social media, his reality TV experience, and surprisingly, his ability to appeal to a significant percentage of African-American Voters could allow Trump to become the 45th U.S. President.

Everything that Trump is doing conforms to the rules of social media,” he said in a Facebook video posted late last week. “You don’t get fewer followers when you insult somebody on Twitter, or say something outrageous on Twitter, you get more followers

If you’re on a reality TV show, and you’re the villain, the villain is often the star of the reality TV show and, in fact, we were wrong,” he continued. “We thought Trump had left the world of entertainment, had left the world of reality television, and climbed over the wall into the world of politics. In fact, what he did, was he took the world of politics and he pulled it over the wall into the world of reality television.

Jones even compared Trump to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in that Trump displays an uncanny ability to adapt and excel in new mediums the same way FDR, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama managed to do when they campaigned for the presidency.

Just like FDR changed the rules of the game because he mastered radio, he was able to take radio and just completely master that — then you had JFK and JFK was able to master television — new medium, new master, new president,” Jones said.

At one point in the video, Jones breaks down exactly how Trump could use the African-American and undecided vote to beat the Democratic nominee.

70 percent of African Americans have a horrible view of Donald Trump,” Jones said. “In order for the Democrats to win the White House they don’t have to get 50 percent of the black vote or 60, or 70, or 80, or 90. Democrats, in order to win historically, need 90 to 92 percent of the black vote.

Jones argues, that if only 70 percent of the African-Americans vote against Trump, “that means 30 percent are open to his argument, if he gets half of those, he’s president.”

Recent Public Policy Polling data suggests that Jones may be on to something.

The poll shows that in Ohio, which is known as a “swing state,” Trump wins 15 percent of the African-American vote against Hillary Clinton, with another 11 percent undecided. In 2012, Mitt Romney only earned 4 percent of the African-American vote in Ohio.

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