Unusually Sane Republican Proposes Bill To Drug Test Congress, GOP Still Focused On Bullying Poor People

Today’s GOP is like the screaming codger on the street corner always yelling about the apocalypse, only the codger sometimes calls in sick. Stupid is as stupid does, and Republicans have made stupid the new little black dress. If you’re looking for any type of reasonable legislation or financial relief from the GOP, your best bet is to wear a shirt that says “former fetus.” While we know they’re still some sane Republicans with a fully functional cerebral cortex, it’s always shocking to find one. It’s kind of like walking into your garage and suddenly discovering Aphrodite left her Magic Girdle next to your lawnmower, or that Aphrodite’s Magic Girdle is your lawnmower.

Jason Schultz, a Republican state Senator in Iowa, had an awakening when he wrote an amendment to Iowa state’s health and human services spending bill that calls for mandatory drug screening for state senators. Well one politicians is actually earning his generous tax-payer supported benefits. Shultz’s brilliant idea to drug test state Senators comes amid a fusillade of GOP efforts to drug test people on food stamps.

But much like everything with these twisted and duplicitous d-bags, it’s “Do as I say, Not as I do.” 

Looking to make that a title of a book is former GOP Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL). The sociopathic Radel is known for wanting to humiliate down and out people by forcing Food Stamp recipients to be drug tested. There’s just one problem, though: Radel was caught buying cocaine from an undercover federal agent. He has since resigned his seat.
Sadly, Shultz’s proposed amendment failed when Senate President Pam Jochum ruled on May 7 that the amendment was not relevant to the bill. Not relevant to whom? To possible state Senators doing lines off of strippers?

“This is saying that we will test ourselves, as we would suggest that those who receive assistance be tested, as the people who pay taxes as a condition of employment are tested,” said Shultz. (Opposing Views)

Iowa already permits private sector workplace drug testing, provided the employer has “reasonable suspicion” of drug use, and has written a company-specific policy. It seems more than 20 GOP state Senators supported the bill, which, if it passed, would’ve made legislators who failed drug tests ineligible for the state’s group health insurance program.

Ladies and gentlemen, the people of America were furious when Obamacare was imposed upon America and Congress exempted itself,” Schultz said, reported The Des Moines Register. “By no means should we exempt ourselves from what we believe is good public policy and I believe good public policy is protecting the taxpayers of Iowa. (Opposing Views)

Well, Congress isn’t actually exempt from Obamacare, but why ruin this one sane Republican’s kick a** moment.  Hopefully he re-introduces this much-needed bill.

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