Unreasonable Fox News Host Loses Her Mind Over The Idea Of A ‘National Day Of Reason’

Define irony — how about the absurd lunatics at Fox News complaining about how unreasonable it is for America to have a “National Day Of Reason?”

This week, the not ready for prime time players on Fox’s Outnumbered scoffed at a proposal drafted by Rep. Mike Honda and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton that would put forth a symbolic resolution that encourages Americans to use “reason, critical thought, the scientific method, and free inquiry to the resolution of human problems and for the welfare of humankind.” Using critical thinking to solve the many complex challenges that face our country today. What could be more reasonable than that? But, according to the cretinous fear peddlers on Fox News, using logic and reason is just another liberal tactic to destroy Christianity and conservatism by applying those pesky things we call free thought and empirical evidence to solve our problems.

On the episode, host Andrea Tantaros was appalled by the very thought of America having a day to honor reason, and claimed the proposal was a direct assault on Christian values lamenting,

I think it’s rich, Sandra, that Washington, D.C. is calling for a Day of Reason. This is coming out of Capitol–isn’t that rich? Washington, D.C., saying “We need more reason”? I think atheists, this culture, has become so secular, and so coarsened, and so godless, I think the atheists–I think they’ve won a lot of battles and they get most days in this country. Let the Christians have the National Day of Prayer. I mean, really.

So it’s godless to have a day honoring logic, reason, and scientific study? I guess that makes my iPod and the moon landing nefarious acts of the devil, that is, among the thousands of other technological breakthroughs that make our lives comfortable, along with the technology that allows Fox News to exist. Once again, Fox News demonstrates its resistance to all things rational as it continues to push its viewers further and further into the dark ages.

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Watch the cast of Outnumbered‘s assault on logic and critical thinking here

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCzQ72n6eS4]


Featured Image Via SMAD News screengrab

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