Undocumented Immigrant, Who Works In Trump Hotel, Schools The Donald (VIDEO)

A new video put out by New Left Media, an independent documentary production company with progressive beliefs, shows that you can be an undocumented immigrant and NOT spend your days raping and stealing. The new hard-hitting short subject documentary profiles the life of Ricardo Aca, a young undocumented immigrant who works as a bus boy at the SOHO Trump Motel in NYC.

Aca, who says he has lived in Brooklyn with his family since he was 14, agreed to speak out against the Donald’s characterization of undocumented Mexicans all being rapey criminals who want to get nice white kids hooked on meth. Aca also spoke out against Republicans who claim that Mexicans are all lazy, telling New Left Media how his stepfather works two jobs. Believe it or not, the two jobs he works have nothing to do with selling drugs or raping people.

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Watch Ricardo’s story below:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-r9E5n5FnM]

Featured  image via screen capture from YouTube

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