Unbelievably Vindictive Trump Plans To Fund Super PAC Designed To Destroy Careers Of Cruz And Kasich

If you thought Donald Trump was petty and vindictive before, you just wait: according to Bloomberg, Trump is starting a Super PAC with one intention: ending the political careers of John Kasich and Ted Cruz – all because they refused to endorse him.

“Finally Grow Up”

The Republican National Convention was meant to be a time for everyone to gather and kiss the ring of the Don, swearing fealty and loyalty to the new ringmaster of the GOP.

Instead, many Republicans revolted. Ted Cruz was one of them, and so was John Kasich. The two former Republican candidates each said they couldn’t stomach a Trump endorsement.

Kasich took it a step further and didn’t attend the convention. Cruz doubled-back on his claim he’d support Trump if Trump won and delivered a brutal take down of Trump right there on the convention stage.

And the price they’re going to pay for turning down the offer they couldn’t refuse? Concrete shoes for any political future aspirations either man might have.

Donald Trump reportedly plans to create and fund a super PAC that’s aimed specifically at ending the political careers of both men. The plan would involve Trump investing millions of his own money — perhaps as much as $20 million or more — in one or two outside groups, one for Cruz, and one for Kasich.

The source, who revealed the plan to Bloomberg Politics on Friday, said that Trump was willing to invest tens of millions if necessary to make sure that neither man won another race.

I think the thing that burns my collar the most about this whole thing is that this slovenly pig has the money to do that when there are Americans who are barely getting buy on three jobs. He can literally throw millions of dollars down the drain when there are Americans who can barely scrape together gas money or put food on the table.

America: Number one in the world when it comes to the groveling worship of the parasite class.

The source did confirm that Trump “does not care” about Bush, so he’s not on the list. Subtle burn?

Trump himself hinted of the prospects during an event at Cleveland on Friday, saying of Cruz:

Maybe I’ll set up a super PAC if he decides to run.

Kasich can’t run for Ohio governor again due to the state term limits. Cruz is up for re-election in 2018, and both men have indicated an interest in running for president again in 2020 because we’re already talking about the next election for some reason.

When contacted by Bloomberg Politics, Trump didn’t comment.

Trump’s feud with Cruz is well known and they came to a head on Wednesday, when Cruz refused to endorse Trump in his conventions speech and urged voters to “vote with their conscious,” a claim that would have some meaning if that party had a conscious anymore. Cruz also said that he was not willing to get behind Trump “like a servile puppy dog.”

Congrats on standing up against Trump’s brand of fascism, Cruz. If only you’d do that for your brand, too.

Less well-known is Trump’s feud with Kasich. Kasich refused to attend the convention, and someone within the Trump campaign launched an attack on Kasich as a result. During a Bloomberg Politics breakfast on Monday, Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort continued the line of attack, saying that Kasich was “petulant” and that he was “embarrassing his party in Ohio” by refusing to back Trump.

“That’s a dumb, dumb thing. Will John Kasich finally grow up? Maybe,” Manafort said.

Kasich was the most adult of the Republican field this cycle; he’s the bar they all need to be meeting, and since his bar is buried six feet underground, the Republicans have a long way to go.

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