Failed Congresswoman Posts Lying Meme Blaming Liberals For Umpqua: Fundies Call For Blood Of Innocents (Screen Captures)

Michele Bachmann (R-MN), former Congressional GOP golden girl, is up to her old crazy eyed antics.

Though she really isn’t relevant, there have been rumbles in the bowels of the GOP fan base that she could be included in the GOP presidential ticket to add estrogen to it — like Sarah Palin. Her decision to not run for her seat again in 2014 was a sad day for many a conservative and a day worth making a holiday if you are a thinking person.

Here is another moment confirming that we are better off without her in our government. Despite the fact that we KNOW that there was at least one, armed student on campus at the time of the mass shooting and that Oregon’s laws already prevented the college from being a gun free zone (More on that: Here), Michele Bachmann posted this meme to her public Facebook page:


Screen capture from Michele Bachmann’s Facebook page.

As you can see, the message is one that is not applicable to this situation at all and is only there to stir up the natives to try to convince them that “liberals are coming for their guns!” Even though, there is ample proof that no one is coming for their guns and that the Umpqua student body had the right to be armed, both mistaken ideas continue to be prevalent in the GOP community. And of course, there are disgusting anti-Obama comments that target him and his family, under the above post.

The meme insinuates that Gun-Free Zones get people killed — which is false — but watch what happens in the highest ranked comment on it.

Screen capture from Michelle Bachmann's Facebook page.

Screen capture from Michele Bachmann’s Facebook page.

This has been shared over 5,000 times and it has NO truth to it. In fact, researchers say that mass killers do not choose the location that they kill in based on whether or not anyone is armed. They decide based on the importance of the location for them — almost overwhelmingly.

This is nothing more than an empty, meaningless meme with comments showing the lack of compassion in the GOP. Oh, and you know what else? Hypocrisy.

On the 25th, a few days ago, Michele Bachman posted this status update:

Screen capture from Michelle Bachmann's FB page.

Screen capture from Michele Bachmann’s FB page.

Apparently in Michele’s world, Jesus would post hateful memes, allow people to call for the President’s and his children’s assassination, and basically incite idiots to riot with a lie. Really, it isn’t quite clear what she sees in that kind of deity.

You know what is really telling, though?

This long, deluded, but surely heartfelt post that claims that people get their rights from God, not the government, has only been shared by her fans only 2,678 times in seven days as opposed to the hateful, completely disingenuous meme above which has been shared 5,664 times in the last few hours.

Just goes to show who she is, and who her “fans” are too.

Feature image via If You Only News

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