U.S. Airstrike Kills ISIS Leader, Obama Gives Trump A Missile-Sized Middle Finger

Donald Trump is definitely fond of trying to say that President Obama isn’t doing enough to stop ISIS. In fact, he recently called Obama, as well as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton the “Founder of ISIS.” Well, this fool is now having to eat his words, as the president’s airstrikes just took out another leader of the radical terrorist group.

Well, it seems that Trump realizes that, yet again, he has stepped over the line regarding president Obama and ISIS. He is now, after doubling down over the last few days, walking back his crazy comments regarding President Obama founding ISIS. Trump is now saying,via Twitter:

Ratings challenged @CNN reports so seriously that I call President Obama (and Clinton) ‘the founder’ of ISIS, & MVP. THEY DON’T GET SARCASM?

The thing is, though, Trump had multiple opportunities, including one with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt who supports his bid for presidency, to back away from such an outrageous statement. Trump, however, doubled down. Even now, while he’s stuck in the fire, he’s still blaming CNN for the story and the controversy that he himself started. Trump will never admit when he is wrong. He just starts a bigger fire to put out the last one. That is a disastrous way to run any kind of political campaign, much less one for the presidency.

The thing is, Trump may or may not truly have believed that President Obama and Hillary Clinton helped start ISIS. Who knows, really? But what we DO know is this:

The Obama administration killed Osama Bin Laden when the Bush administration couldn’t, and Obama is steadily killing ISIS members and leaders while Trump repeatedly insinuates that he’s some kind of terrorist sympathizer.

Donald Trump, you show how outrageously ill-informed you are on world affairs several times a day. Just shut the hell up and let the adults handle it.

Featured image via Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

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