Two School Board Members, Two Very Racist Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts

Donald Trump’s popularity on the presidential campaign trail might not be responsible for what seems to be epidemic racism, but at the very least, it’s empowering racists to come out of the woodwork.

Much of the focus lately has been on Trump’s anti-Latino views, but anti-Islamic views seem to go right along with them. On Thursday, Trump was asked whether Obama was a Muslim and he ignored the opportunity to shut the ignorance down, appearing to agree with the man who asked the question.

That wasn’t the only Islamophobic news on Thursday. Two separate school board members, each from very different parts of the country, are also under fire for anti-Muslim Facebook posts.

First, we’ll go to Virginia, where the chairwoman of the Chesapeake school board posted a meme to Facebook. Here it is, courtesy of Opposing Views:


Now, as someone who doesn’t eat pork, isn’t a Christian and hasn’t worn a bikini in years, this meme seems offensive to even people who aren’t Muslim, but Christie New Craig, who posted the meme on August 4th, insists that she’s not racist and that she only shared it.

“I merely shared it. I did not make a comment, and I’m just shocked with everything going on in our country – police officers are losing their lives, people are homeless and people don’t have jobs – that a political cartoon would cause this much stir,” she said during the interview.

“I share a lot of stuff, a lot of jokes and whether I support it or not, I share stuff,” she added later in the interview. “[It] doesn’t mean I agree with it. It does mean I have a right to expression and free speech.”

Source: Opposing Views

Yes, of course she has freedom of speech, but as many conservatives don’t seem to know (I’m talking to you, Sarah Palin), that doesn’t mean freedom from consequences, although we don’t know what the consequences for Craig might be, because while the school board was supposed to address it on Monday, they didn’t.

Now, let’s travel to Minnesota where Grant Nichols, a Columbia Heights School Board member, posted anti-Muslim posts (this time his own words) on Facebook. Here it is, courtesy of the Daily Kos:


This time, the students rebelled, even going so far as walking out of class on Wednesday. Nichols posted an apology on his Facebook page, calling it a practical joke by someone who took his phone without his permission. He didn’t show up for the school board meeting, but he was allowed to stay on the board, for now.

Of course, this all came to light just days after 14-year-old Muslim teen Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for building a clock for a school science project. The school allegedly thought it was a bomb and they still haven’t apologized.

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