Two-Headed Koch Monster Trying To Swallow Conservative Party Whole This Election (VIDEO)

It’s a timeless story: Man makes monster to battle his enemies. Monster battles enemies. But, the monster is a monster, and turns on maker. Man is left to battle his own creation.

Reince Priebus and the two-headed Monster he helped create.

Reince Priebus and the two-headed monster he helped create.

This is essentially the story line of the relationship between the GOP and the Koch brothers. Currently, the GOP is in the phase of discovering their two-headed monster with deep pockets has turned on them.

Remember when Obama was first elected, the left was cheery, walking with their heads high because we no longer had to endure the policies of George W. Bush and had our man in the White House after eight arduous years, a Democratic majority in Congress and a bright future ahead of us rebuilding what Bush destroyed?

Then the Tea Party happened.

The Tea Party was the Koch’s bastard child, it was from their pocket books that the Tea Party was born, and gullible, dare I say completely idiotic ‘hatriots’, lapped it up like it was mother’s milk. They gathered at capital buildings across the country decrying taxes on the rich, wanting to rid the country of public programs, as they fought against their own self-interests for fair health care coverage and insurance for all.

It was the Kochs who gave us Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. It was the Kochs who helped sweep the midterm elections of 2010 filling the House with Tea Party members who had dim eyes and spouted things like “Abortion is murder” and “Obamacare is slavery.” Quite literally they threatened all the policies Americans had fought hard for in decades past from labor regulations to women’s rights to environmental protections. They went to work trying to dismantle it all.

The GOP stood by and watched gleefully as Democrats were sent home from Washington D.C. They lapped up liberal tears whenever the Tea Party pushed a horrendous policy. And they felt utter joy that Obama could barely accomplish anything he had set out to do as their part of Congress refused to compromise and moved as a singular unit.

They want social security dismantled, the Affordable Care Act overturned, no corporate tax, no taxes at all really and they absolutely oppose any sort of rights for women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. They pay politicians to publicly deny climate change is man-made and the ultra-pious to push for an overwhelming Christian influence in this country. Whenever some major act of gun violence was committed, there were Koch-paid politicians loosening regulation on firearms.

And this is only the beginning of their Libertarian agenda.

The Kochs are absolutely the reason this country has divided so deeply. Conservatives have only themselves to blame, and now they’re atoning for creating a monster, as the monster has come to swallow them up.

Because this election, the Koch’s have more money than the Republican National Committee and they’re trying to take over the campaign process to get one of their guys into office.

In fact, the Kochs are putting nearly a billion dollars into this election and they aren’t spending it stupidly. They’ve actually created a state-of-the-art database, named i360, of nearly 250 million American voters in order to reach out to them more effectively. And instead of volunteers that canvas neighborhoods, they’re paying staff to add incentive to sell the politician of their choice to Americans.

And the GOP is not happy with it.

The RNC Chief-of-Staff, Katie Walsh, said:

I think it’s very dangerous and wrong to allow a group of very strong, well-financed individuals who have no accountability to anyone to have control over who gets access to the data when, why and how.

Apparently the data, going back almost two decades according to Ring of Fire Radio, was shared with the Kochs for the 2014 Midterm election, but the agreement had expired.

Now, the GOP wants to retain that information for their own databases rather than give it up and lose politicians to the Kochs. This has started somewhat of a civil war between the two camps, because the Kochs paid millions of dollars into campaigns over the last 6 years and feel like they essentially own the GOP.

Staff from the Koch camp also say that the RNC has failed tremendously at getting a Republican into office and believe their data system will be more effective in targeting likely voters.

The Kochs don’t seem likely to roll over for this one. They’re too deeply invested and have too much riding on the election, and no one in the Republican party has the backbone to stand up to them.

And thus, we are now living in a whole new era political era, because it’s not going to be a movie ending for the maker of the monster. This is when we see the monster eat its maker.

Here’s a clip of Ring of Fire Radio discussing the civil war within the GOP:


Featured Image by Jenna LeFever/If You Only News


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