Two Conservative Tennessee Children’s Pastors Arrested In Underage Sex Sting (VIDEO)

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation recently launched an underage sex sting operation to catch child predators. Of the 32 people arrested, two of the men turned out to be ministers of local area churches.

Jason Kennedy, 46, and Zubin Parakh, 32, were both busted for attempting to secure sex with minors.

Kennedy was a children’s pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Karns. Soon after learning of his arrest, the church terminated their relationship with the pastor.

Jason was a guy that talked so much about his wife and how much he loved her, and she talked about how she loved him and their three children. I mean, they were a great family,” Senior Pastor Ron Stewart said about the alleged child pedophile.

The actions of the children’s pastor for which he has been arrested were part of his life outside the church,” the church said in a statement. “We have received no questions or concerns related to his conduct within the church or its ministries.

Kennedy responded to an online ad soliciting an hour of sex with two prostitutes under the age of 18. They stated that one of the girls was 15 years-old.

We are praying for his family and will continue to provide the services of our ministry to them,” the church said.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Zubin, the other pastor netted in the sting, is a pastor at LifeHouse Church. The Church lists Zubin as the “creative pastor.”

Both men destroyed their lives at a Best Western in Knoxville.

The Nashville Scene reported in 2015 that dozens of minors are transported throughout Tennessee as victims of human trafficking networks. According to the Scene’s sources, the number of girls is estimated to be between 65 and 120.

Everything that makes Nashville a great place to live is also appealing to traffickers, who see this as a business,” explains Derri Smith, executive director of End Slavery Tennessee, an organization founded in 2008 to strategically confront human trafficking in Tennessee. “We’ve got a thriving economy, a lot of growth, and a lot of tourists and events. That means people are coming in who might leave their morals at home, and that makes for buyers of sex.

Nashville is also in close proximity to Atlanta which happens to be the largest domestic human trafficking hubs in the U.S., according to a 2014 Urban Institute report commissioned by the U.S. Justice Department. Nashville has three major interstates that intersect making it an ideal place to transport illegal goods and sex slaves.

In 2011, human trafficking was the second fastest growing crime in America, a 32 billion dollar industry set to supersede drugs and narcotics.

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