Two Black Women Enthusiastically Endorse Trump In The Weirdest Display You May Ever See (VIDEO)

Donald J. Trump’s campaign has left us with no shortage of WTF moments. The latest, in which Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, the “Stump for Trump Girls,” perform their “little routine” for DJ himself in front of the fascist-adoring crowd in Raleigh, North Carolina will seriously just blow your mind.

Hardaway and Richards were introduced by an overly excited and ever combed-over Trump, as an “internet sensation” and have become pretty well-known for their xenophobic rants about building a wall to keep America safe in support of Trump.

This “routine” consists of very little other than rhyming rambling allusions to safety, and building a “Tall Wall” — oh, and endorsing Trump, except for a minor jab that the “media” has been ignoring them.

However, they did it with a lot of enthusiasm as Trump stood off to the side, possibly marveling that two people (who really should know better) are right there and pimping the hell out of him…for free.

Here is the mind-boggling video of the “Stump For Trump Girls” doing their best to get America to question their intelligence, compassion, political savvy and even basic humanity:

Feature image via YouTube screen capture

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