TwitterSlammed: Ben Carson Confuses Middle East And New Jersey (VIDEO/TWEETS)

After Donald Trump’s patently false statement about 1000’s of American Muslims celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers in New Jersey, Ben Carson was asked by reporters if he had seen them too. “Yes, I have seen the video,” was his answer.

Of course, he hasn’t seen such a video, since none exist. So back to Megyn Kelly and Fox he went for damage control. His excuse for saying he had seen a video that does not exist? Well, he mixed up the Middle East and New Jersey. He just didn’t know what the interviewers were saying, or that they had an “agenda.” Listening to the clear, and really well put, questions the reporters posed seriously belies any agenda, but hey – according to Carson the earth is 6000 years old and pyramids were for grain storage.

Megyn Kelly tried to stick her hand up his butt to make him puppet the few things that could probably make this whole situation a little better, but Carson refused to allow her to make his mistake on this or the comment he made asserting that Thomas Jefferson crafted the Constitution, go away. She literally hand-fed him answers that would be much more palatable to the American people and he did not use them, of course not. Actually, Carson nearly doubled down on the Thomas Jefferson comment – even after Kelly gave him the fact that his book (or its editors, apparently) got it right by saying that Jefferson crafted the Declaration of Independence.

Anyway, back to the whole I just mixed up the Middle East and New Jersey thing: man, that caught Twitter’s attention. After ABC’s Katherine Faulders tweeted this:

Well, that sure sounds “presidential” huh? You can bet it has gotten better from there!

carson 3 carson tweet 1 carson tweet 2 carson tweet 3


It seems that no matter how many times FOX tries to clean up after their pet candidate, Carson refuses to let them, it is as if he really wants to be seen as, well, an idiot.

carson tweet final

Watch Carson ask us all to please see him as an idiot, instead of a liar:


Feature image via screen capture from Twitter

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