Twitter V. Michele Bachmann: When The Twit Tweets It’s Worth The Laughs (Tweets)

Michele Bachman, former MN Congresswoman, and Christian Supremacist may not be aware of the fact that we already know that the majority of Refugees are, in fact, not able-bodied young males. That may have something to do with this insanely embarrassing Tweet from her on Sunday while she was busy valuing Christians over Muslims.

According to PolitiFact, only 22 percent of all Syrian Refugees even fit the category, and it counts men up to age 59. Hmmm, well that neatly destroys the latter part of the Tweet, along with the hilarious misuse of the word hoard instead of horde. No, you aren’t the only one who’s inner grammar nazi is screaming in frightening german swears. Twitter found it quite droll as well with a plethora of Tweets that simply say “*Horde.”

Before we get to the “mean” funny Tweets, I am going to cover a sample of the crazy that Bachmann attracts:

I did mention they are nuts right? But this one, this one is the scariest yet:


Now, on to the backlash:

Yes, we really are sick of her, but now that she is nothing but a publicity stunt on social media, and isn’t actually spreading her brand of radicalized Christianity in our Government, isn’t it fun to have a laugh at her expense? Be sure to visit the Twitter twit and let her know what you think of her and her amazing technicolor acid hallucinations she still shares as gospel truth.


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