Twitter Users Ruthlessly Mock Trump With #TrumpChicken Tag: ‘Make America Cluck Again!’

Leave it to Twitter to come up with some brilliant take-downs for Donald Trump. They wasted no time on Friday after Trump reneged on his debate with Senator Bernie Sanders in taking the Donald down a few notches with some well-played chicken jokes.


Trump has made a reputation for himself as a tough-talking, swaggering man full of bravado, but for those of us who can see right through it, we know exactly what he is: like so many before him, he’s a cowardly thug. All bluster, no might.

He ran away from Megyn Kelly after Kelly hammered him for his misogyny, he runs away from any real questions (probably something he learned watching Sarah Palin implode on national TV), and now, he’s run away from Senator Bernie Sanders too, after backing out on a debate with the Democratic candidate.

I wonder what sort of scamfundraiser” he’s going to use to justify backing out of this debate?

Regardless of Trump’s reaction, Twitter users have already made up their mind, and shortly after the Teflon Don backed out, a Chicken Donald Trump account sprung up on Twitter:

Tweet 1 Tweet 2

Chicken_Trump wasn’t the only one making fun of Trump for backing out, though — rather quickly, other Twitter users jumped in with their own foul jokes, rocketing the tag #ChickenTrump into the top five trending tags:

tweet 3

tweet 4

Tweet 5

Trump? A coward? Who would’ve guessed.

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