Twitter Users Hilariously Mock Ammon Bundy With #BundyEroticFanFic Hashtag (TWEETS)

A few years ago, the film “Brokeback Mountain” told the story of a gay romance between two cowboys. Now, Twitter users are channeling that film to make fun of Ammon Bundy and his band of cold, lonely and snackless insurrectionists in Oregon.

The Twitter hashtag #BundyEroticFanFic has been picking up steam, with more and more users joining the fun. The tag appears to have been started by a Twitter user named Colin Meloy, who fronts an indie-rock band called “The Decemberists.” Meloy got the ball, and the hashtag, rolling with this tweet:

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Colin Meloy 1


It didn’t take long for Meloy’s followers to join in the fun.

nick tweet

LeftDial Tweet

Nicole Moore tweet

One offered a quote from “Brokeback Mountain,” which was answered by another user who posted a poorly photoshopped image from the movie.One Hot Mess AK Tweet

And there was this reference to the man who was shown on tv, huddling under a blue tarp, clutching a rifle.

Martha Lemert Tweet

Don’t forget, this is all about “freedom.”

LeftDial tweet 2

Of course, not everyone approves of the fun. Some folks just don’t seem to have a sense of humor.

James Gill Tweet

Meloy wasn’t about to let his followers have all the fun, so he weighed in again, with tweets like these:

Colin Meloy Tweet 2

Colin Meloy Tweet 3a

Colin Meloy tweet 3b

When it was all said done, Meloy thanked everyone who participated.

Colin Meloy tweet 4

And on Wednesday, Meloy discovered that his hashtag was trending on Twitter.

Colin Meloy tweet 5

If Ammon Bundy and his band of anti-government terrorists thought they were going to get the support of most Americans, it’s obvious that they were sorely mistaken. Oh sure, there have been some, like the guy who said he would be there to fight the government, as soon as that government got his disability check correct. But the vast majority of Americans either have no interest whatsoever in Bundy’s little party, or, like Colin Meloy, they’re actively making fun of this bunch of idiots. (Fitting in perfectly with Meloy’s hashtag is the guy who started the GoFundMe campaign to send Bundy’s posse a “bag of dicks.”)

You can see many more hilarious tweets poking fun at Bundy and his gang at the hashtag #BundyEroticFanFic on Twitter.


Featured image via Twitter

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