Twitter Users BRILLIANTLY Mock Trump By Putting Him On Classic Movie Posters (TWEETS)

If you think that the prospect of President Donald J. Trump is scary to Americans, just imagine what it is doing to people in the rest of the world. Trump has made it clear that under his leadership, America’s foreign policy will be both isolationist and belligerent. He says that he will tell the leaders of other countries what to do, and they will listen to him. Just like Ronald Reagan, Trump is promising that he will transform America. But many people wonder if, after a Trump presidency, there will be much America, or world, remaining.

The British site The Poke invited readers to express their hopes, fears and other thoughts about Trump by recreating posters for classic movies. Of course, the internet responded and the result is one of the most unique and original collections of anti-Trump memes ever. Here are some of the best of the lot. To see them all, check out #TrumpFilmPosters on Twitter.

During the Arab Spring uprisings several years ago, Twitter was given credit for the downfall of Middle Eastern dictators. Will Twitter be able to take down an American presidential candidate as well?

Featured image via Twitter

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