Twitter-Storm Erupts: #FreeChrisChristie Hashtag Follows Trump ‘Hostage Situation’ (TWEETS)

Many of us have woken up the morning after making a questionable decision and thought,”What the f*ck have I done!” Imagine, for a moment, that your mistake was as monumental as that of Chris Christie, who decided to back the inimitably repugnant Donald Trump.

That error seemed to creep into the Christie’s realization as he was listening to Trump’s disgusting excuse for an acceptance speech, his face kept melting into such horror and disbelief it nearly looked as if he was actually being held hostage. Twitter, of course, noticed, the mockery flowed thick and was heavily laced with satire and biting humor, and the hashtag #FreeChrisChristie burst onto the scene:

Even Trevor Noah jumped in, because the colossal size of the reversal from Trump-basher to Trumps personal ball-polisher leaves him 100 percent open to every ounce of ridicule coming his way.

Watching Christie realize that he is now a Trump-flunky, and has committed political suicide, was delicious indeed. What he has done should kill anyone’s career. All that is left is to ask Trump for his brown coat, welcome to the wrong side of history, Christie.

Christie was perfectly happy selling off his soul in the hopes that Trump’s momentum will take the White House, right up until he listened to the disgusting troglodyte speak again. Sorry Christie, you can’t even chew your arm off to get away from this situation. Perhaps you should have just listened to yourself telling the entire country what a piece of sh*t Trump is.

Feature image via screen capture 

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