Twitter Spun Boring-As-F*ck Democratic Debate Into Pure Internet Gold (TWEETS)

The second Democratic debate was pretty much a snoozefest. And every time it started to get interesting, CBS would take a commercial break. Add to that the very distracting background, with its shadows and promos and the debate was a wash with most viewers.

On Twitter, people of all persuasions were posting under #DemDebate, including some other candidates. One of them was name-checked in a not-so-nice way by Martin O’Malley. And, like the overgrown toddler he is, Donald Trump had to respond.

In turn, this Tweet called it like it is:

This person, aside from misspelling “Hillary,” had a legitimate concern. Why can’t we all have the same healthcare plan that Congress and Cabinet members enjoy?

The children were playing, too:

This person somehow got lost on his way to a GOP debate:

This fellow probably would have been more at home with the GOP, too. Note the right-wing favored misspelling and use of ALL CAPS:

Another person who was thinking of the GOP debates:

This comeback to Matt Drudge wins the Snark of the Night award:

Someone is taking this all a bit too seriously:

Angela Merkel is one of the greatest Chancellors Germany has ever had. Yes, I’d feel perfectly safe with Hillary in charge if she is like Merkel:

He probably believes all the “climate change conspiracy” nonsense. You just can’t cure stupid:

This person was thoughtful and respectful. Nice to know that even non-Democrats got something useful out of the debate:

Some great advice. Do you think it was heeded? Yeah, me neither:

This guy has it pegged. We need to find a way to make young people get out and vote or we will lose:

This reply to digby makes an excellent point. Every time the right uses “radical Islam,” we get to point out “radical Christianity”:

This kitty has its candidate picked out of the litter (sorry, it was there). But why the poopy diss?:

On the other hand, this person doesn’t think Bernie has what it takes:

This person missed the debate completely. Should we tell him?


As you can see, there were trolls that came out to play. But there were also people who genuinely wanted to hear what the candidates had to say. Some were unmoved and some were bored silly, but some learned a great deal about the candidates. Supporters of all three candidates Tweeted their support and some minds may have been changed or, at least, swayed. In any case, Twitter was a very interesting place for a couple of hours. Until the next debate, when it will again prove its entertainment value.

Featured Image via Twitter

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