Twitter Shows Glitchy Trumpbot Press Rep. NO MERCY After This BIZARRE CNN Interview (VIDEO)

Wednesday, after watching Donald Trump’s senior press representative Healy Baumgardner’s bizarre behavior on CNN, viewers started tweeting, ruthlessly trolling what they characterized as a “valley girl” performance that belonged on Saturday Night Live.

During a segment examining Trump’s remarks about North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un, the nominee made a pledge to sit down and talk to the brutal dictator. Trump even went as far as to praise Jong Un’s murderous rampage after taking power as being “pretty amazing when you think about it.”

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CNN host Carol Costello asked Baumgardner to clarify her candidate’s remarks, and that’s when the fun began:

Well, I think top line, Mr. Trump’s point is that he wants to keep an open dialog and repair relationships with world leaders,” Baumgardner said.

“But what was he trying to say in January at his campaign rally?” Costello asked again.

“Well, I’m not going to speculate on what he meant specifically by those points, but generally he wants to have an open dialog to repair relationships with leaders throughout the world,” Baumgardner repeated robotically.

Mercifully the Blaze’s Amy Holmes jumped in to answer Costello’s question.

I think Donald Trump was trying to project strength. He’s complimented Vladimir Putin in similar terms… I think what Donald Trump was trying to do is sound like a strongman himself.

Either out of morbid fascination or just plain cruelty, Costello decided to ask Baumgardner again if she could offer anything more about her candidate’s remarks:

Healy, you can’t give us any more guidance on this,” Costello said, sounding slightly dumbfounded at Baumgardner’s previous answer. “You are the senior press representative for Mr. Trump.”

“I am, exactly,” Baumgardner replied. “And what I’m telling you is that top line, you know, one of his biggest goals is to repair relationships with leaders throughout the world.”

“Okay, then,” Costello quipped.

This segment was one of the most facepalm-worthy interviews that’s ever to be shown on national television. It was almost as if an alien had taken over Baumgardner’s body or her processor was experiencing technical difficulties and need maintenance.

Invariably the Twitter community’s wrath was swift, brutal, and sudden.

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