Twitter Reacts To Trump’s Latest Pathetic Attempt To Nickname Himself, ‘Mr. Brexit’ (TWEETS)

Donald Trump made a failed attempt yesterday to get the nickname he now wants, “Mr. Brexit,” so he has decided to just throw it out there on Twitter today. The results? Hilarious.

The fact is, that if you have attempted to give yourself a nickname (ever) you know that shit fails. Someone calls you “frying pan” one time in your life, you are stuck with it on your gravestone. But, despite your best efforts, no one is going to call you what you really wanted them to.

Donald Trump hasn’t figured that out yet, apparently. That, and you don’t want to nickname yourself after a catastrophically bad decision. You want something cool, like “space cowboy,” or “cool hand Luke,” not “Brexit.” It is nice that he picked it though, as a warning. Wouldn’t it would be great if guys at the bar would introduce themselves as “Mr. Herpes,” “Clap dude,” and “the Syphilis kid?”

Brexit (Britain’s exit from the European Union), which is now a term that many associate with the destruction of the British economy, won because of a lack of people voting. The haters, xenophobes, and nationalists showed up to vote though, and their minority was enough to overwhelm the majority of the country who never imagined that such an asinine and destructive idea could win enough support to pass. Immediately, people wanted a do-over, but there are no do-overs. 

Trump expects to win because of a lack of intelligent people making it to the polls, apparently. That or to change the country for the worse and strain our allies. However, he forgot that someone already called him Mr. Brexit, and it wasn’t a compliment. Samantha Bee didn’t forget, though, and quickly reminded him that the comparison has been made by her.

That is really the worst outcome of Brexit, not the breakup of the E.U, or the fact that you can now use the British pound as loo paper. It’s that the vote made these hateful morons think that over half the country agreed with them.

This is why it’s not enough for Trump to lose. It has to be a fucking landslide.

And honestly, when choosing a “nickname,” why choose one with such negative connotations to most of the entire world? It isn’t even supported by the majority of the British. Not to mention the fact that it sounds like a sexual dysfunction, it is just an awful choice.

It seems that while Trump will never understand why what he says and does is unacceptable to thinking, compassionate, equality-minded people who have actually read the constitution, but he is really good at giving comedians great material.

However, it is also a great nickname to remind us all of something very important: all it takes is a split Liberal vote, or anti-Trumpers to stay home because the polls say he will lose to get us a Trump-level failure of democracy. The more comfortable we get with the fact that the polls say he will lose, the more people may stay home because they think that everyone else has this.

That is how you get a Brexit: people know that no one (with a brain) could ever allow something that incredibly irresponsible and catastrophic to happen, so they don’t even bother to vote against it.

Yes, Donald Trump is losing, according to all the polls. No, he doesn’t lose unless YOU go to the polls and vote blue. And honestly, Mr. Brexit is a hell of a lot better title for Trump than Mr. President.

Featured image via Twitter

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