Twitter Mocks Trump For All The Times He Uses ‘Many People Are Saying’ As A Legit Source (TWEETS)

Donald Trump knows people, good people. And these people tell him things and they’re really good things. And that’s pretty much all every American voter and member of the media needs to know about the man hoping to gain access to the nuclear launch codes. But now we all have Trump’s “many people are saying” slogan to somehow accept as irrefutable proof.

Trump, who erroneously claimed that President Obama ordered a $400 million payment to Iran as a ransom paid in return for the release of American hostages, now claims that “many people are saying” to push a debunked conspiracy theory that ties Hillary Clinton to the death of an Iranian scientist. Well, Twitter was quick to remind Trump just how many times he uses the phrase  “many people are saying” to justify all of his positions and statements of fact.

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Yes, Donald. There’s a lot of voices in your head, and all of them are just as crazy as you.

Twitter then had a little fun with the common phrase with the creation of the hashtag #ManyPeopleAreSaying to mock Trump’s complete and utter lack of substantive proof.

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Twitter Hilariously Mocks Trump For All The Times He Cited ‘Many People Are Saying’ as Source


When your entire presidential  campaign and knowledge of the duties and history of governance is based on sh*t you heard on Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh, then you’re going to have to find better people. You can repeat easily digestible equivocations all you want, but the electorate and the media are eventually going to want to know just who these ‘people’ are. And that’s what #manypeoplearesaying.

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