Twitter Hilariously Mocks Kim Davis’ Overalls-Clad Husband, Because Look At Him (SCREENSHOTS)

The Right’s anti-gay “Abraham Lincoln” was released from her cage on Tuesday, and the cast and crew of Stupid Mountain were more than happy to show up to pander to conservative voters wish her well. Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Davis, who was thrown in jail for her insistence on violating the law with her refusal to sign a piece of paper declaring legal, consenting same-sex couples to be legally married — or, as her lawyer equated it to, a “license to sodomize children.”

Citing religious beliefs she has deeply held for about four years — ones that are certainly unimpeded by her four marriages and multiple out-of-wedlock children — Davis had refused to allow same-sex couples to marry. The “loving Christian” woman was finally released after five of her six deputies (with her son still refusing) agreed to license same-sex couples.

The one condition of her release is that Davis would not interfere with her duties — though she has already, through her attorney, promised to do exactly that.  Asked if Davis intended to comply with the condition, her lawyer explained that she  “cannot and will not violate her conscience.”

GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz showed up to wish the lawbreaking “Christian” well, with officials “endorsing” Davis, even setting up a cute little stage at the front door of the jail so she could hear Huckabee praise her.  The former  Arkansas Governor said that Davis has “more courage than any politician I know,” and said that if she is to get herself locked up again, he will go in her stead:

If somebody needs to go to jail, I’m willing to go in her place.

At a rally in support of Davis’s hatred, Huckabee told supporters, “Kim Davis is free!” Another speaker explained to the crowd that God allows them to defy any law they want:

We don’t need the Supreme Court when we have the Supreme Being!

The woman of the hour appeared at the end of the event with Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger blasting in the background (a detail that greatly upset the band, who “would not grant [Davis] the right to use Charmin,” let alone their song). “We serve a living God who knows exactly where each and every one of us is. Just keep on pressing, don’t let down. Because he is here,” she told the crowd.

It was a glorious event for bigots. Their messiah was free! And all the while her husband stood by her. Unfortunately, he was also standing by her in this publicity shot tweeted out by Huckabee.


Yes, folks, Cousin Cleefus wore his GOOD overalls.

Yes, folks, Cousin Cleefus wore his GOOD overalls.

Naturally, even though Davis had surely been fully deloused for the first time since the Reagan administration while she was locked up, this photograph drew quite a bit of mockery from the denizens of the fount of hilarity known as Twitter:

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At this point, is it possible to take Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee, or even Hillbilly Jim seriously?

Featured image via Mike Huckabee Twitter

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