Twitter Has FIELD DAY After Trump Tells Supporters Not To Trust ‘VERY Dishonest’ Media (TWEETS)

Following Donald Trump’s late night Twitter rampage, in which he encouraged his supporters to go check out a sex tape, the Republican presidential candidate was also kind enough to give his followers this little gem of advice concerning the “VERY dishonest” media.

The tweet sent Twitter users’ B.S. detector into overload.

It’s clear that Trump’s probably pathological narcissism prevents him from seeing the irony in his ill-advised “advice” tweet concerning best practices for honest journalism. Throughout his campaign, the billionaire has used unnamed sources to justify absurd policy positions — make himself seem more knowledgeable than he really is — and spread unsubstantiated rumors and conspiracy theories.

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While his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, prepares for the next debate, Trump is busy reading fake online polls and having people telling him the latest “news” from right-wing blog sites like Drudge and Breitbart.

In November, the public needs to not only defeat Trump but also send a message that will resonate throughout the Republican party for generations.

Featured image via YouTube.

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