Twitter Destroys Mouthy Narcissist With #FakeTrumpIntelligenceBriefing (TWEETS)

In the wake of what appears to be a massive intelligence leak during a Donald Trump speech shortly, as in less than 48 hours, after he began receiving security briefings as the GOP nominee, Trump has once again had his ass figuratively handed to him by Twitter, and it is glorious. #FakeTrumpIntelligenceBriefing is about the most amusing break from an ominous reality that we have had in months.

Amid calls from top officials to please give Trump fake security briefings to keep us all safe from the agitating narcissist, a petition to STOP Trump from getting security briefings (maybe because he is a mercurial blowhard with a penchant for blowing his stack and having loose lips) has garnered over 100,000 signatures.

But Twitter, ah, Twitter.

Unapologetic, hilarious, and harmless lies that could keep Trump’s “lose cannon” (misspelling intentional) lips from endangering the lives of our military, the safety of our nation, and our very way of life.

From National Treasure to Dr. Evil, the menaces in our deep, dark security closet are sure to keep Trump’s advisors up for days pulling their hair out over the next stupid conspiracy theory that Trump chooses to retweet.

OOOH, found it, here is Trump’s newest attack on President Barack Obama!:

Some are big, and splashy, others… well, they are more subtle.

Trump, and his surrogates are all getting a little of this.

The funniest parts of this were compounded into irony when Trump tweeted Friday night that Hillary Clinton (who didn’t tell the entire world Friday that there is a US base where none is supposed to be) shouldn’t be allowed to get security briefings.

Not to mention the horrible spelling, it really just puts the entire debacle into perspective especially when the same tweet calling Clinton a “lose cannon (SIC)” came hours after his own VP declared that name-calling has no place in politics. Trump is not only a security risk, his own team can’t get on the same page for one day: not even one day.

Featured image via  Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

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