Twitter Blasts Senate GOP For Horrible Lincoln Assassination Tweet (SCREENSHOTS)

The Senate Republicans really need to be careful about who they let have access to their twitter account. In an amazingly stupid gaffe even for them, they have tweeted out a message here on the 150th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln that makes it sounds like America is forever indebted to whoever shot our 16th president. Here is the tweet:

Well, the astute folks on twitter are not going to let them live it down anytime soon. The tweet now has scores of social media hounds chastising the Senate GOP for not only allowing the tweet to go at out in the first place, but for failing to correct it and apologize immediately. Here are just a few of the quite possibly hundreds and counting that are already out there:

senate gop lincoln tweets

Once again, the GOP shows how far behind the times they are. Whoever gave these imbeciles a twitter account should slap their hands and take it and access to all digital communication away, because they clearly cannot handle it. Whether whoever wrote the tweet meant it the way it sounded or not is irrelevant. That person obviously cannot handle sending messages in 140 character spurts without embarrassing the entity the account represents or the country on the anniversary of the assassination of one of the most celebrated presidents in American history.

Featured Image: Screenshot via twitter

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