Turnout For RNC’s ‘Women For Trump’ Event Perfectly Captures How Screwed Trump’s Campaign Is

Just in case you needed and further proof that today’s GOP is nothing but a fossilized mausoleum of angry and old misogynists, one reporter just confirmed that and more in one perfect image.

One of a gazillion journalists covering the five-alarm dumpster fire that is the Republican National Convention in Cleveland posted a very telling photo at a Women For Trump event. As you can imagine, the attendance for Women For Trump was about as vast as Roaches For Raid.

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Laurie Penny on Twitter Turnout for Women For Trump event. The people in this picture are journalists and one media intern. RNCinCLE https t.co Xb1UNySw6J

It looks more like they’re preparing for Clint Eastwood to speak. Other Twitter users chimed in.


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Amy Kremer, the co-founder of Women Vote Trump who is most associated with helping create the Tea Party, is the one who organized the massively pathetic event. Kremer’s voice echoed off empty rows of delicate white chairs on luxurious gold legs, because style kills all substance ith these people.

I knew I was going to take a beating and a lashing for supporting Donald Trump,” said Amy Kremer defiantly, from behind a lectern in front of a bunch of really nice furniture. “From other conservatives! But who are you to judge me?”

“People assume that just because Hillary Clinton is a woman that I’m going to support her,” Kremer said, sounding indignant. “That’s an insult to my intelligence. I have the ability to think on my own.

Nobody is judging you, lady, because NOBODY is freaking there!

It seems Kremer was joined by Ann Stone, ex-wife of dirty tricks expert and noted racist Roger Stone, another co-founder of Women Vote Trump. The two woman apparently had no idea that you need an audience to be behind a microphone. They at least could’ve sprung for some really cute kittens to fill the seats. The self-loathing is quite strong with this group.

Featured image via Twitter



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