Fox Host: Decision To Remove Statue of White Man Converting Native Americans Is Reverse Racism (VIDEO)

The fine folks at Fox news have gotten themselves worked up yet again, cranking out the faux-outrage in the wake of St. Louis University’s decision to relocate a statue from outside on the campus to the SLU Museum of Art.

Tucker Carlson, the editor of the Daily Caller and regular Fox host, led the charge, and accused the university of reverse-racism against whites by removing the statue, “Where the Rivers Meet,” which depicts a Jesuit missionary converting two Native Americans.

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Where the rivers split

The statue, which depicts “prominent Jesuit missionary,” Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet, was a controversial one, and as a result of that controversy, it’s been moved to Museum of Arts where a statue of that nature belongs.

The “University News” described the statue as “tall and stern” with an austere Fr. Pierre DeSmet, S.J. standing over two native Americans, “hold[ing] up a crucifix, while the other men, whose plumed headwear makes clear their ethnicity, kneel in awe.” Many accused the statue of representing an era of white supremacy.

DeSmet, also known as Pieter-Jan de Smet, a Belgian, is best remembered for convincing Sitting Bull to accept the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie. DeSmet has given his name to a number of locations in the American west, from Lake Desmet in Wyoming to the city of De Smet, Idaho. He died in St. Louis in 1873.

SLU’s assistant vice president, Clayton Berry, expressed to “Saint Louis Magazine” that the statue was moved following concerns voiced by the staff.

“In more recent years, there have been some faculty and staff who have raised questions about whether the sculpture is culturally sensitive,” Berry told the magazine. “Hearing that feedback, the decision was made to place the piece within the historical context of a collection that’s on permanent display in our SLU Museum of Art.”

“Caving to complaints”

Above the chyron, “Caving To Complaints,” Carlson and his all-white panel discussed the decision to move the statue.

Carlson didn’t buy the idea that the image of a European missionary towering above two Native Americans while holding a cross and converting them could possibly suggest white supremacy (or Christian supremacy), however.

“Why? Because he was a white supremacist?” Carlson asked, missing the point of the decision by a wide margin. “No! Because he was white!”

Tucker then tore off on a rant, saying that the college was “committing an act of racism” and “[DeSmet’s] skin color is itself considered so offense by the school that the statue itself can no longer be on display” –even though the statue will still be on display in the Museum of Art.

The morning show’s panel agreed, because there’s nothing like identity politics and the thrill of being a victim without having to actually be a victim.

Watch Tucker Carlson below:

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