Trump’s Youth Leader Is Actually A Full-Blown Nazi (VIDEO)

Remember when the brainwashing of young people by fascist dictators was called Hitler’s Youth? Well, it’s getting a Trump rebrand. No, this is not The Onion.

With almost as much blonde hair and blue eyes, the modern-day Hitler Youth consists of a group of millennials supporting Donald Trump. There isn’t a single thinking person alive who hasn’t compared the rise of Hitler to the rise of Trump, only now he has literal Nazis working for him.

Let it be known that many key Trump supporters, including David Duke, have known neo-Nazi, white supremacist or anti-Semitic leanings.

In a video posted to the “Trump Youth” website, the Millennial group’s leader, Jayme Liardi, whines about combating a worldwide “parasite” enemy, which he calls “globalists.” As Forward notes, Liardi seems to draw a parallel between “globalists” and Jews.

On his personal website, Liardi seems to draw a link between Jewish and globalist interests, referring to the government supporting globalism as “kosher.”

“If you have no identity, one will be installed into you by the kosher forces of The State. Make no mistake, they may say that they are for ‘multiculturalism’ ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ but their actions would say otherwise. This is the ideology that brought us colonialism, slavery and the chain stores of suburbia. This is our current world—the world of Globalism,” Liardi wrote.

Liardi is the perfect combination of sniveling snot who starts fights and never finishes them, and nightmarish shift manager at a big box store.

Our nations have been commandeered international criminal cartel and this parasite is feeding on our energy. It’s in Japan, it’s in China, it’s in Germany, it’s in America — now, if we don’t throw this parasite off our backs, the world will fall into chaos,” group leader Jayme Liardi said in the video message.

The “Trump Youth” website asks prospective members to include their ethnicity in their applications, though it’s safe to assume they’re not an equal opportunity employer.

In a year chock-full of reboots and remakes, why not try to bring back Hitler? But seriously, this is the inevitable consequence of running a campaign on pure hate and xenophobia.

Watch the video below:

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