Trump’s Weasel Son: I’ll Pay Black Celebrities To Self-Deport If My Dad Wins (VIDEO)

It must be great to be a rich and privileged a-hole like Donald Trump Junior and the rest of the Trump brats. They all look like some kind of creepy clones, and they take after their dad’s example of saying really offensive things every chance they get. Their latest idiocy came from Trump Junior when he thought it was just hilarious that some black celebrities and civil rights leaders are critical of his dad’s racist and bigoted statements.

Junior was on Fox News, because of course he was, when he was asked what he thought about the criticism of his father plus the statements that some people are considering leaving the country if his dad got elected. The talking skirt hostess asked if his dad would miss anyone who left the country. As expected for a spoiled rich brat, Junior said, “Not at all. I’ll buy them their airfare!”

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It’s really funny to say that you will pay to remove people from the nation who disagree with your stupid dad, right? Because that’s how it works in America – you disagree with the president, if Trump were to win, and then you get banished? This is literally what dictators do, and they are sitting on Fox, laughing it up.

So if you’re keeping track, Trump wants to ban certain religions and ethnicities from entering the U.S., he will order his supporters to physically assault you if you question him, and if you are openly critical of him in the media, it’ll be “suggested” that you leave the country. With all that in mind, he is going to win the Republican nomination. What’s that say about America?

Watch the result of REALLY bad parenting below:


Featured image via video screen capture

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