Trump’s Twitter Tantrum At Morning Joe’s ‘Diapers To Big Boy Pants’ Comment Draws Ridicule

If you are trying to prove you are not childish, lashing out like a third grader with a grudge is not a good idea. However, Donald Trump can not resist firing his angry orange mouth (or Twitter) off at anyone that bugs him. His latest attacks on the female co-host of Morning Joe are personal, and border on the misogynistic asshattery of his feud with Megyn Kelly.

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He not only attacked Mika Brzezinski’s intelligence, he tried to create rumor and innuendo that bordered on slut shaming by attempting to make the co-hosts out to be in a sexual relationship. He was apparently capitalizing on the celebrity gossip that the two are a couple, but trying to twist it to a weapon against her.

This is a harbinger of a Trump White House, people, this is who he is, the only palette he paints from is filled with low blows based on made up gossip.

The comment that seemed to set Trump off was this:

So, Donald Trump, in order to prove that he is not a giant baby moving up from diapers to big boy pants set out on a name calling spree — again — in a thin-skinned, seemingly uncontrollable, response to criticism. No one is shocked, but the crass and ridiculous tweets drew some pretty hilarious and on point ridicule from the Morning Joe team.

Then there is the fact that we all know Trump watched, despite his cries that he didn’t, because of his response. Of course, he watches, he absorbs every word spoken about him in a public forum and gushes like Old Faithful after every slight. Too bad he couldn’t be that obsessed with the issues and needs of the American people, and not just himself.

But what was the real aim behind this twitter temper tantrum? Well, like most things that Trump’s theatrics may be attempting to mask it seems this could be trying to get people’s minds off of a new ad targeting Trump. Mika’s retweet of Hillary for America Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri’s tweet on the issue may give a little insight.

It could be that Trump was not trying to cover anything up, or distract people from his fake out of a flip-flop on immigration policy. But the fact is that he is proving once again, all it takes to rip his attention away from the nation and send him on an unhinged tangent is to #BaitTrumpWithATweet.

It is that simple, and that is one reason that he should NEVER be allowed access to the White House, let alone the Nuclear codes.

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