Trump’s Team Tweets Story Of Prez Who Died Month Into Office And Internet Thinks It’s A Cry For Help

In the midst of tweeting announcements of Trump handing the nuclear arsenal to Rick Perry and giving White House gigs to his donors, the Trump campaign’s official Twitter account devoted to transition news has been providing summaries of former presidents. Today’s example was…uh…weird?

Not having anything better to say, the Trump Inauguration Committee shared the sad tale of America’s 9th president, William Henry Harrison, whose White House distinction was dying just a month into office.

Why Trump’s transition team would highlight the fact a president died shortly after assuming office is anyone’s guess, but people had some ideas…

If you find the idea of Trump suddenly dying too macabre, it should be noted that Trump doesn’t need to catch a cold and die of pneumonia to get the record for shortest presidency. Congress could simply decide to hold him accountable for the numerous constitutional violations he plans on committing the day he’s sworn in.

Already there are legal experts lining up to suggest that Trump will be in violation of clear rules written in the Constitution the second he takes the oath of office. The first day back at work, Congress could do their jobs and impeach him.

Constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe argues that Trump is set to become “a walking, talking violation of the Constitution” if he doesn’t give up his businesses.

“From the very moment he takes the oath, he will be violating a provision of the Constitution that he takes an oath to uphold every minute of every day,” said Tribe, a professor at Harvard University.

It all comes down to the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which forbids elected officials, including the president, from accepting gifts or profit from a foreign government.

Trump has recently walked back his promise to give up his businesses citing the fact that he couldn’t find a way to make money on the sales. Instead, he will violate the emoluments clause with a shrug by still accepting “gifts” from foreign governments by making money every time they stay at his hotel or go to one of his properties.

So William Henry Harrison might finally have the last laugh – he may have died a month into office but at least he didn’t lose the position because he’s a cheapskate and so full of himself that he didn’t think anyone would ever hold him accountable.

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