Trump’s ‘Taco Trucks On Every Corner’ Spokesman Busted As A Serial Real Estate Scammer

It is really beginning to seem like the majority of Donald Trump’s supporters are scam artists, liars and/or empty headed yes-men. This time, the Latinos for Trump co-founder who warned us all that if Hillary wins, we would be subjected to the horror of delicious tacos delivered conveniently in trucks on every corner (gee, still not seeing the downside to that!) turns out to be a serial scammer.

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Marco Gutierrez, who apparently thought that people would just buy that there is actually a group of Latinos for Trump, is described as a “real estate broker.” But, he has had his real-estate license revoked, then once allowed a restricted license again by the state of California, gave it up before another investigation could be finalized. So, really, he isn’t.

He is, however, a fraud:

The California Department of Real Estate revoked Gutierrez’ broker’s license in 2012 after accusing him of making two unauthorized charges to a client’s bank account — one to pay $800.36 to Sprint and the other to pay $821.57 to Comcast.

Under a settlement with state regulators, Gutierrez was allowed to get a restricted seller’s license, but he surrendered that in 2014 after being alerted that he was once again being investigated for real estate law violations.

And, a cheat who used the bankruptcy court some 14 times to defraud creditors:

Ms. Macias stated in her Declaration: During the time I was working with [Debtors] they explained to me how they were using the bankruptcy court to prevent foreclosure on their home and to prevent other collection efforts, since they had no money. Mrs. Gutierrez explained to us that the way they were preventing a foreclosure was by filing for bankruptcy and then not following up on a legal requirement and the case would be dismissed. She explained to us that sometimes there was a three month period between the filing and the dismissal and that interfered with the foreclosure.

It is just not shocking that someone willing to leverage their race to get into Trump’s good graces would be involved in real estate fraud and tricks to defraud creditors, as it is a pretty well-accepted fact that “birds of a feather flock together.”

With Gutierrez’s “stellar” track record, it really makes the “Latinos for Trump” group look an awful lot like a small time scammer attempting to glom onto the apron strings of a big-league grifter like Trump.

Other notable Trump supporters who have been found to be lying frauds include the black pastor who was busted on live TV and the Trump U. student who wrote a glowing statement praising it that had filed not only Chapter 7 but also Chapter 13 bankruptcies. It seems that when you find someone that is 100 percent behind Trump, they don’t have a really trustworthy moral barometer.

Trump appears to be counting on people not digging beyond the surface when it comes to his surrogates and himself. Good luck with that.

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