Trump’s Supporters Hilariously Fail His ‘Extreme Vetting’ Immigration Test (VIDEO)

On Monday, Russian Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump revealed to the world his “extreme vetting” plan for immigrants. So what, exactly, does this nationalist know-nothing think qualifies as “extreme vetting?”

Vetting so extreme most of his supporters couldn’t pass it, apparently.


Trump’s made a name for himself running against immigration — it seems like every few years we get one of these clods running for office. The only difference between Trump and, say, Pat Buchanan, is that Trump has been more successful.

To this end, Trump’s kept the anti-immigration, pro-nationalist tendencies going, and this means talking about all the ways that he’s going to keep immigrants from coming in while kicking out those that are already here. And he did that on Monday when he revealed his new, “extreme vetting” plan.

Now, “extreme vetting” sounds like a reject from the 90s (funny, given Trump is a reject from the 80s), but it’s something altogether more hilarious.

So what does this extreme vetting consist of? Well, it would vet applicant’s ideology to make sure that they support American values. American values that include support for same-sex marriage, women’s rights, and religious freedom, among others.

I mean, that sounds great, but there’s just one problem: most of Trump’s supporters can’t pass that vetting.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah called attention to that irony on Thursday, when it sent correspondent Jordan Klepper into the heart of a Trump rally in Wisconsin to see just how many of Trump’s supporters couldn’t pass the test — despite many of them supporting the “extreme vetting.”

For instance, Klepper asked one man to fill in the blank for him: “Two men getting married is blank.”

The man’s response?


Said without any hesitation or cognitive dissonance at all.

'The Daily Show' finds Donald Trump supporters largely fail "extreme vetting" test
“Two men getting married is — “
Source: Mic/Comedy Central

Klepper asked another woman wearing a Trump teeshirt whether it was important to respect everyone’s religion, one of the major points in Trump’s “extreme vetting.” When asked whether she respected Christianity or Judaism, the answer was a predictable “yes.” When asked if she supported Islam, however?


It was an immediate response.

'The Daily Show' finds Donald Trump supporters largely fail "extreme vetting" test
“Do you respect Islam?”
Source: Mic/Comedy Central

Another woman attempted to explain why a woman couldn’t occupy the Oval Office. What was the reasoning there? Those darn, dirty female hormones would make them impulsive and more likely to get involved in wars. A Trump supporter said that.

Another woman explained why gay couples enjoying equal rights wouldn’t be “fair” to heterosexual couples, for reasons.

'The Daily Show' finds Donald Trump supporters largely fail "extreme vetting" test
“Can a woman be president?”
Source: Mic/Comedy Central

Another man, wearing a shirt that read “Hillary sucks, but not like Monica” on the front and “Trump that bitch” on the back, explained that respecting women is “an American ideal” and offered, “These extreme nations, they don’t treat women with respect.”

'The Daily Show' finds Donald Trump supporters largely fail "extreme vetting" test
“We treat women with respect here. That’s an American ideal. Tell me about your shirt.”
Source: Mic/Comedy Central

This level of cluelessness is almost impressive. It takes serious talent to deceive yourself that thoroughly.

Of course, Trump’s supporters are notoriously intolerant, and a May poll conducted by the HuffPo revealed the following:

Compared to supporters of other Republican candidates in the primary, Trump supporters really dislike many groups in America. For these voters, Trump’s blend of casual racism and muscular nativism is the core of his appeal.

And the groups that most Trump supporters dislike? “Feminists, Muslims, Latinos, Gays and Lesbians and Transgendered people.”

It’s one of those instances where it’s hard to manage words. They’re either lying about what they’re saying or they’re so severely delusional that they need antipsychotics — and since I’m loathed to lump mentally ill people in with these obtuse, willfully dense blockheads, I’m going to go with “lying” and toss in “dangerously lacking self-awareness” for good measure.

Watch the video below:


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