Trump’s Spokeswoman Goes To Ridiculous Lengths To Disprove Trump Sexual Assault Story – Fails Badly

The depths of dissociation and blind ignorance that permeates the Trumposhere is so severe that it causes one to look the stars and question the very nature of existence.

Take Trump spokesperson, Katrina Pierson. This pathetic excuse for a human being, much like her deluded boss, has absolutely no concept of reality. She’s notorious for being unintentionally hilarious in her ridiculous efforts at defending all the immensely dumb and baseless things Trump says.

The communications consultant (and apparent aviation expert) went to great lengths in explaining why the New York Times story about Donald Trump groping a woman on an airplane is unequivocally not true. When asked by CNN’s Don Lemon for her thoughts on the veracity of  Jane Leeds’ story about Donald Trump groping her in first class on a flight to New York in the 1980s is true, Pierson went into a incoherent rant about the layouts various planes. Also, how first class seats had “fixed armrests” and therefore would have prevented Trump from groping a woman. This resulted in uncontrollable bursts laughter and head-shaking from the sane people on the panel.

Her “aviation explanation” prompted NYC Aviation top shut her down:

It’s like her mouth is moving, but her brain is watching a ping-pong tournament.

Expect a whole ton of laughing and head-shaking from now until election day on November 28th.

Fatured image via screen capture

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