Trump’s Social Media Man Joins Boss’s Insane, Juvenile Attacks On ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts (TWEETS)

By now, the entire world is aware that Donald Trump spent his morning lashing out at Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski in a truly unhinged fashion – even by normal Trumpian standards. He let loose in a crazy, misogynistic rant that accused Brzezinski of begging to be invited to his New Year’s Eve party, but essentially he said she was too ugly to be there – except in much worse terms. Now, it seems that Trump’s social media man, Dan Scavino, is joining in the continued debasement of the White House with equally childish tweets. We will screenshot them here, in case he thinks better of these tweets and decides to delete them:

Of course, this is all because Joe and Mika have the stones to do their jobs and call this abnormal, alarming presidency out for what it is: Dangerous, unhinged, and terrible for the nation. Of course, with Trump being as thin-skinned as he is, the biggest job of his staff is to make him feel good and to hit back at any and all criticism that might be thrown at the White House, and especially at Trump himself.

These people have done irreversible damage to the office of the president, to America’s standing in the world, and to the political climate and discourse in America. It will likely take us a generation to get back to where we were – if we ever do at all.

It’s time to really think hard about what four years of this will do to our nation. Hell, the damage he’s already done is quite literally immeasurable.

Featured image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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