Trump’s Racism Is NO ACCIDENT — Here’s How Many Times He’s Retweeted White Supremacists (VIDEO)

Billionaire Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has managed to ride to the top of the Republican Party using naked xenophobia, bigotry, sexism, and racism in a shameless appeal to a mostly white conservative demographic.

And while Trump’s campaign vigorously denies any association with white supremacist groups like the KKK, there is indisputable evidence supporting the contrary.

After analyzing Trump’s Twitter account, it was discovered that Trump retweeted white supremacists at least 75 times since the beginning of his campaign.

Fortune reported:

The Little Bird software analyzed Twitter content to generate a ranked list of just under 2,000 #WhiteGenocide “influencers” as of February 8. The more impactful, the higher up on the list (which, understandably, ebbs and flows a bit over time).

Since the start of his campaign, Donald Trump has retweeted at least 75 users who follow at least three of the top 50 #WhiteGenocide influencers. Moreover, a majority of these retweeted accounts are themselves followed by more than 100 #WhiteGenocide influencers.

And judging from the reaction of white supremacists concerning one of Trump’s most recent tweets, the Republican’s message is reaching its intended audience.

There is no doubt that Trump’s campaign is actively courting racists. Many racist groups have already pledged  their support, which includes providing vigilante style security at future Trump events. There are far too many retweets by the Trump campaign to conclude this to be anything but an intentional strategy.

Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again,” speaks to the white supremacist mindset that America’s greatest when white people are exclusively considered first class citizens.

Meanwhile, Trump enablers are running out of excuses and spin to explain away Trump’s  growing outright support from more and more white supremacists . It’s little wonder so many conservatives of conscious have decided to declare “never Trump,” along with most civilized American voters.

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