Trump’s Promise Of A ‘Deportation Force’ May Just Prove He Is Insane (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s newest pie-in-the-sky plan is just as insane as all of his others. His plan to violate the Constitution, destroy birth-right citizenship and mass deport 11 million workers has a new twist: Trump plans on creating a “Deportation Force.” One wonders if they will load the immigrants into cattle cars and send them to camps as their immigration status is determined.

Trump is declaring war on the Constitution. First the giant wall, to keep immigrants out of our melting pot (that will be “huge” and it will be “free” because Trump says so) and then the deportation of 11 million people. Now, to make the mass incarceration and deportation event an actual thing, he is going to create another police body, one whose sole job is to destroy the protections that have been built into the constitution.

Oh, and also to start a civil war with 11 million people, their families, and friends — but that doesn’t seem to bother him or his supporters.

No one should be surprised as the party that cries so loudly about their support for the constitution is actually the party that wants to: end freedom of speech, destroy the separation of church and state, curtail the freedom to marry, remove the provisions for unlawful search and seizure for certain people, abort birthright citizenship, extend human rights to corporations, and surgically excise “a well-regulated militia.”

How many of Trumps followers would be happy to see people rounded up wearing a color-coded symbol for whichever ethnic group they belong to and herded into camps?

Here is Trumps campaign manager, who doesn’t know which Amendment he is even promoting the evisceration of, expounding on the need for this “Deportation Force”:


Feature image via Huntress’ Uncommon Sense

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