Trump’s Obama Bashing Massively Backfires As Obama’s Popularity SOARS

When Donald Trump is not trying to find every individual and group left on the planet to offend and piss off, he’s wasting perfectly good bandwidth on Twitter attacking President Obama. Perhaps someone needs to inform him that Obama can’t actually run for a third term. Nevertheless, his attacks appear to have his attacks appear aren’t just pointless, they are actually boosting Obama’s popularity.

A new poll shows that President Obama’s popularity is higher than ever, with his job approval rating at 55 percent–the highest it’s been at any point during his second term.

The latest result comes amid a series of good polling for Obama. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released last month gave Obama a 58 percent approval rating — the highest he had been in that poll since 2009. The president’s approval rating is 89 percent among Democrats and 56 percent among independents and, despite Trump and Fox News making every effort to paint Obama as a black nationalist who hates white people, his approval among whites is also higher. To be exact, the number has climbed from 32 percent approval to 47 percent.

Continuously facing a party full of petulant man-children, President Obama has finally discovered that he just doesn’t care what they think of him.  There are no more elections to try to win, so, predictably, Obama is finally taking care of business. Better still, letting his GOP opponents know what he thinks about them. One truly has to wonder what these do-nothing, obstructionists will do with themselves once Obama is gone.

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