Trump’s Numbers Prove Beyond A Doubt, His Success Is Fueled By Racism

America is not xenophobic. In fact, this nation was founded to be a safe haven and beacon of freedom for all people. That makes it all the more disgusting when the worst examples of Americans there are, are GOP front-runners in the Presidential race. You already knew, but a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Donald Trump’s success is firmly based in the kind of xenophobic racism that some people are still trying to convince us that America has left behind.

According to the Washington Post:

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Nearly half of GOP-leaning respondents in the poll — 47 percent — both support the deportation of undocumented immigrants and oppose accepting refugees from Syria and other Mideast conflicts. If a GOP-leaning voter supports deportation, there is a 79 percent chance she or he also opposes Syrian refugees, compared with 54 percent if they oppose deportation.

Opposing both allowing anyone to live here that was not born here and allowing Refugees to seek a safe haven from war is a strong representation of xenophobia and racism. As the Washington post put it:

Pro-deportation/anti-refugee voters account for almost three-quarters of Trump’s support.

No thinking person needed to have this printed out in black and white for them, hearing Trump’s hateful, empty, pointless, anti-immigrant, fact-free speeches already told us that anyone that could support him is the kind of person that this country is ashamed of. These are the people who oppose food stamps for American children, living wages for American families, and decent benefits for our Vets. No one is shocked that they are also bigots and racists.

Trump’s ability to strip nuance from any issue and appeal to the single digit IQs and damaged world perspectives of xenophobes, religiots, and white supremacists while claiming that he will make America all white, er, great again appeals immensely to the most rabid of the conservative base. He is simply eclipsing the other GOP candidates in this area, since he belligerently refuses to allow reason to infiltrate his delusion, much like those that are supporting him.

These poll results don’t only tell us that he is really is growing his campaign out of the nastiest sh*t Americans can decide to believe. It also tells us this, Trump’s supporters are so far displaced from reason and compassion that we must admit that he can’t offend them. As his mockery of a physically disabled reporter illustrates, he can’t go too far for them – they will happily dive right into the manure pile with him.

Trump is proof of the old adage, if you roll in manure you will get a lot of attention — but mostly from pigs. Trump has their attention, and they want to turn this entire nation into the same nasty sty of hatred, bigotry, exceptionalism and supremacy that they live in.

Feature image via Christian Drake for If You Only News 

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