Trump’s Number One Concern For The Republican Debate: Clearing Up The Size Of His Penis (VIDEO)

So it’s come to this. We have a person who is likely going to be the Republican party’s nominee for president, and he is making references bragging up the size of his penis during a presidential debate – on live TV – on Fox News.

And people say other nations hate us for our freedom…

Donald Trump decided, on his own, to make a reference to the size of his own penis. Nobody requested it or even made an implication about it during the debate, but clearly it was one of the most important issues on his mind. No, not Putin, Iraq, ISIS, the economy, jobs or the environment — his wang was the most important thing he had to talk about before we could continue discussing policy.

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Marco Rubio (or “Little Marco” as Trump likes to call him) made a passing reference to the size of Trump’s “small hands” at a previous debate and it seems another man questioning his manhood is something for which Trump has a zero tolerance policy. I guess it’s good we laid this issue to rest, and could move onto more serious things like building walls, and deporting immigrants. Right?

Watch the absolutely ridiculous sideshow of American politics below:

Featured image from video screen capture

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