Trump’s Next Executive Order Leaked, Will Target Legal Immigrants For Deportation

I had a hard time coming up with a way of talking about this one. Describing cruelty has never come naturally for me. I get too emotional. I get too angry. I lose the words. So this one was hard.

In a leaked Trump order, seen by two separate news organizations independently of one another, the White House has a new plan to go after immigrants – but this one all but ensures the people facing deportation aren’t just “undocumented,” but thousands, perhaps millions, of legal immigrants. The anger is rising up my throat, so I’ll let Vox take over:

One order deals with work visas; the other addresses social services for legal immigrants who are already in the United States. It’s an indication that the many immigration restrictions Trump has signed are not the full scope of what key advisers have discussed. The draft dealing with legal immigrants’ use of social services could have further-reaching implications for legal immigrants currently in the US than anything the president’s already signed.

The plan is needlessly cruel and inherently jingoistic to the point of being unfettered racism. Legal immigrants using any social services will not only be barred from doing so but also subject to deportation. Again, these are the men, women, and children who immigrated to live and work in the United States the “right” way. These are the people conservatives occasionally pretend to care about when they viciously attack “illegals.” Why can’t they just come in the right way! they scream in the direction of the Rio Grande. Well, these ones did. And Trump is trying to deport them.

A Trump official was recently quoted as saying the vision for the so-called “travel ban” from Muslim countries is to prevent the growth of the Muslim population in the country. He actually admitted that – somehow not spontaneously combusting by the sheer friction of hatred and evil in his heart. Now, it seems, Hispanics – particularly poor Hispanics – are being targeted as part of Trump’s de facto ethnic cleansing of the country.

Writer Jamelle Bouie put it succinctly.

Here’s how the Post described just a portion of this order:

The administration would be seeking to “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” and develop standards for “determining whether an alien is deportable … for having become a public charge within five years of entry” — receiving a certain amount of public assistance, including Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Medicaid.

These nationalistic executive orders coincide with the rise of Steve Bannon, Trump’s senior advisor, as a major player in the White House. Bannon’s background is running a white nationalist website and writing screeds against Muslims and minorities. It’s hard not to see his hand in all of this.

Notably, during the campaign, journalists debated whether they should describe Bannon as what he is – a white nationalist. Some thought it was unfair to him. Some wanted to take his word for it when he said it was all in their heads. Well, that debate is over. But, with an office just a few doors down from the Oval Office, it’s quite a bit too late.

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