Trump’s New Campaign Ad Is A Cringe-Inducing Monument To Trump’s Ego (VIDEO)

Seriously, Trump should change the names on his campaign posters from “Trump/Pence” to “Trump/Trump’s Ego.” To be fair, you have to have a healthy ego to run for President of the United States in the first place. But there’s a fine line between “ego” and “narcissism” and Trump passed that line a long time ago. Take a look at this BRILLIANT ad Trump released yesterday:

I love the dramatic action movie theme. It gets me totally pumped up about….something! Trump! Make America great again! With applause!

The only thing that can match the size of Trump’s ego is the shallowness of his rhetoric. I can’t think of a single presidential candidate that has spent so much time bragging about his poll numbers, how much people love him and, now, how long they applaud for him.

Sadly, much of America has been trained by 40 years of right-wing propaganda to worship at the feet of the rich and shameless self-promoting. Does that mean painfully childish ads like this will work? Not necessarily but do you really want to take that chance by voting for the Libertarian or Green ticket?

Featured image via screencap.

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