Trump’s Name Is So Toxic Even Canada Is Striking Back

You can’t expect to go on television, say horrible, awful things over and over again and have it not impact your personal brand. That’s just plain Marketing 101. Yet, that’s exactly what Donald Trump has done since his candidacy began just six long months ago. Trump’s hate has been so bad he’s even decimating the fractured brand of the Republican Party itself. If that isn’t enough, he’s threatening to split the racists from the Wall Street crooks and run as an independent candidate.

Trump is so toxic he’s literally taking everything down around him, even his own businesses. Politicians, city advocates and the general Canadian public think that the name “Trump” is so disgraced that developers should consider changing the name of the 63-story hotel/condo tower on Georgia Street in Vancouver.

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Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang pinned a letter to the CEO of the tower’s development firm saying that recent comments by Trump aren’t welcome in his city. “When I heard what Donald Trump said yesterday, I was absolutely shocked and appalled,” Jang said. “We’re not a city that stands for racism.”

The Councillor wasn’t alone in his quest either. Brent Toderian, Vancouver’s chief planner who oversaw the approval process for the Trump tower, joined in the fight saying, “the message that [Mr. Trump] is saying doesn’t match our value system. We shouldn’t have his name on our second-most prominent tower in the city.”

But Vancouver isn’t the only place. The 68-story Trump tower in Toronto got a strongly worded letter from Councillor Josh Matlow demanding a name change. “All of us, in our own way, want to push back,” he said, calling Trump’s recent comments about Muslims “the definition of fascism.”

He went on to say that he hoped Trump would pay a financial price for the racist statements he has used. “He certainly seems to be the type of person who cares more about his fortune than others. I hope anyone around the world might reconsider their association with him and his brand.”

The problem for many of these buildings is that Trump leases his name to businesses he sometimes has nothing to do with. While large hotels and Casinos go up they may not actually be built, funded or developed by Trump but for a small fee they can put the “Trump” name on them to help attract people. The Toronto hotel, for example, wasn’t built by Trump, but it is “operated” by the Trump organization. Now, however, it seems that name is causing more backlash than attraction.

Canadians just voted out their race-baiting Islamophobic Prime Minister, so this isn’t the first time this year they’ve taken a stand against intolerance.  Good for them for continuing the trend.

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