Trump’s Mouth Could Cost Him Big Bucks As Partners Pull The Plug On Business Deals

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has always felt the freedom to say whatever was on his mind to whoever might be listening at the time. It was entertaining when all he did was yell “You’re Fired!” at people lining up to be abused on his reality t.v show, The Apprentice. When it comes to the serious world of presidential politics, however, a softer, more considered tone is appropriate. Discretion not being his strong suit, “The Donald” has really stepped in it this time.

His hateful, racist, bigoted rhetoric has earned him more than a lot of face time and notoriety on television and in print media. All those wonderful people with whom he has cultivated business relationships with are starting to take notice, and they don’t like it one bit. They possess the ability to take into consideration the sensibilities of their clients and customers, something Mr. Trump is unable or unwilling to do. As a result, Trump has lost key endorsement deals, and stands to lose quite a few more.

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In July, Macy’s discontinued their affiliation with Trump and stopped selling Trump merchandise after his incendiary anti-Mexican remarks.

Landmark Group, a Dubai-based holding company, has just announced its intention to stop carrying the “Trump Home” brand of merchandise in its Lifestyle stores in the UAR, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. After Trump’s “complete shutdown” remarks, Landmark CEO Sachin Mundhwa said his stores would no longer do business with the loud-mouthed presidential candidate.

In light of the recent statements made by the presidential candidate in the US media, we have suspended sale of all products from the Trump Home décor range.

Because Trump has expanded his brand into the Middle East in recent years, he stands to lose a lot of money primarily due to his apparent xenophobia. His largest partnership, with Dubai-based Damac Properties, is now in jeopardy. When you consider the plans, which include two golf courses, mansions, villas and a wellness center, at an estimated cost of six billion dollars, the loss of this business deal could sting more than a little.

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Donald Trump flouts himself as a smart businessman. He sure doesn’t sound so smart now, especially when Khalaf al-Habtoor, a former Dubai business partner puts it this way:

He is really creating war. He’s creating hatred between Muslims and Christians. Muslims have invested hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars [in America], creating jobs for Americans. They can go invest it somewhere else.

Smart businessman? I think not. It makes you wonder what he would do as president.

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