Trump’s Latest D-List Celebrity Convention Guest Defends Calling Hillary The C-Word (TWEETS)

Scott Baio just got personally invited by Donald Trump to speak at the GOP Convention, and already he’s become an embarrassment to the GOP.

Saturday night, Baio was bragging in a tweet about his speaking role at the convention:

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But within the last 24 hours, Baio has been throwing a temper tantrum over being called out on a tweet from a week ago in which he shared the following:

Because nothing says, “I’m a classy role model” like calling the future President of the United States a c*nt. But oh, wait! Baio didn’t call her anything at all and he’s deeply offended that anyone would say otherwise!

Yes, you’re reading that correctly: A 55-year-old man is using a defense that a 10-year-old would be too mature to use, but this is the same man who compared being a Sicilian to being a black person in America, in the context of racism and discrimination, but also thinks Black Lives Matter means only black lives, making it racist, bigoted and irresponsible. He also threatened to sue anyone calling him a moron (which he is).

I get it, Baio is a D-lister who used to be an A-lister (Charles in Charge was a moderately BFD in its day) and like so many other washed up performers, he’s found a new relevance by spewing hate and sucking up to right wing bigots. But the Republican Party, already collapsing under the weight on Trump’s toxic rhetoric and its own extremist policies, is running out of space to claim they’re the party that represents anyone but angry white rich men. Bringing on Baio as a spokesperson is just another straw on the back of a camel already screaming in agony.

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