Trump’s Latest Appointee Is A Climate Denier, A Racist, A Birther, A Homophobe, And An Islamophobe

There are people currently being turned down for jobs at Applebee’s with better resumes than William Bradford. The obscure attorney general of the Chiricahua Apache Nation was recently catapulted to a job in the federal government when Trump announced he was appointing Bradford to run the Energy Department’s Office of Indian Energy. Like many of Trump’s hires, Bradford has almost zero in the way of experience at the job he was just hired for. His only tweets relating to energy are those that call climate scientists “cultists.”

If he wasn’t hired for his experience, he certainly wasn’t hired for the content of his character, either. Bradford has forceful opinions on nearly every person, race, ethnicity, and lifestyle under the sun – and all of them are bigoted.

On his now deleted Twitter and Facebook accounts, Bradford documented his bigotry like a man checking boxes on the list of qualities the biggest asshole in the world might have: He is himself Jewish, but it didn’t stop him from once calling Mark Zuckerberg a “self-hating Jew” for the “crime” of writing an essay opposing Trump, adding that he hoped Zuckerberg “gets what he deserves.”

He pushed birther conspiracies about Obama, while also promoting an even more obscure right-wing conspiracy that suggested Obama is secretly gay.

As the above tweet suggests, Bradford is also big on bashing Muslims. A major obsession of his was to float theories that Obama was coordinating with Muslims in Iran to destroy America.

Bradford also called Japanese internment camps in World War II “necessary,” parroting Trump’s on-again, off-again relationship with creating internment camps for Muslims.

For simplicity, let’s go over the list. Bradford is:

  • A racist
  • A homophobe
  • A conspiracy theorist
  • A Islamophobe
  • An anti-Semite
  • A climate denier
  • A birther

And now he’s working, as the Washington Post put it, to help “Native Americans and Alaska Native tribes and villages obtain electricity and reduce energy costs” a job he has no experience in and no apparent desire to do. The position is final because it’s a job that does not require congressional approval.

In no uncertain terms, William Bradford would be unemployable in any other administration. His legacy of toxic, violent and unbalanced comments on social media would be enough to send up all kinds of alarm bells for any White House that cared, even slightly, about staffing government roles with people who could actually perform with competently. Instead, Trump is stuffing positions seemingly at a whim. He has taken to hiring the wives of his political critics to curry favor (and watching Newt Gingrich and Mitch McConnell, both of whom have spouses owing their careers to Trump, bend to his will shows how effective this has been). He has no problem hiring people who plagiarized or lied about their education. And he has no issues with a person’s mental stability either.

The result is nothing short of a disaster.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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