Trump’s Hurricane Sandy Tweets Show EXACTLY Why Trump Is The Worst Person In The World (TWEETS)

As the east coast endures a monstrous storm in Hurricane Matthew, the nation will be dealing with Hurricane Trump this coming Sunday. Never missing an opportunity to be demonstrate his total lack of empathy and compassion for anyone.

Case in point, Trump’s behavior during the east coast’s last major hurricane.

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While myself and my fellow NYC and NJ brethren were cleaning up after Superstorm Sandy, Trump was tweeting out sickening conspiracy nonsense.

Yep, that was the presidential nominee of a major party saying people dying or losing their homes was simply “good luck” for  the president. But just when you thought that Trump couldn’t sink any lower, he managed to reach a whole new level of scumbaggery.

This pathetic and mean-spirited  tweet storm was captured by the Daily Mail, which showed even more nasty and pointless attacks on Obama during a major crisis:


And since he’s sinking completely to the bottom, why not throw in a little dash of climate change-denying crap?

Trump’s willingness to constantly put himself above all that is right and just is a sickness that no amount of Thorazine can cure.

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