Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Just Stabbed Trump’s Current Campaign Manager Right In The Back

Donald Trump’s campaign has been full of infighting from the beginning. He canned Corey Lewandowski a few months ago, due to what appeared to be an ongoing feud with the current campaign manager Paul Manafort. It seems that Lewandowski never got over whatever went down that ultimately led to his firing though, and boy is he showing it.

When a New York Times report alleged that Manafort received more than $12 million in cash from a former Ukrainian president who was really nothing more than a shill for Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, Lewandowski couldn’t contain his glee, tweeting:

Now, we all know that Manafort seems to have some pretty scary-looking ties to the Ukraine, and Trump’s campaign – and even Trump himself – definitely seems to have some very scary ties to Russia. For many of Trump’s critics, it merely confirms long-held suspicions. For Trump’s fans, many of whom follow Lewandowski, this was an eye-opening reminder that their candidate is being led around by a man whose interests lie more in Russia than America.

It was a hell of a dig by Lewandowski. However, it seems that Corey, who has now found a cushy new job on CNN shilling for Trump, is trying to backpeddle, saying that he wasn’t trying to hurt Manafort, but instead was trying to make a point about how awful and biased the New York Times is.

From Talking Points Memo:

“Why did you decide to tweet that little tidbit?” CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked.

“You know what it does? It goes exactly to the point I just made,” Lewandowski said, arguing that the Times reports negatively on Trump but ignores coverage of unflattering stories on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“The media is now focusing on a private person who had a private business model,” Lewandowski argued. “No one says there’s anything illegal about what he did. He’s saying he didn’t receive the money.”

The thing is, it is a well known fact that Lewandowski and Manafort have bad blood. It is also a well-known fact that Trump makes everyone who works with him or for him sign non-disclosure agreements. Lewandowski literally cannot say bad things in public about Donald Trump without being sued. Tweeting explosive stories regarding Trump’s current campaign manager just might very well fall into that category, and Lewandowski is doing clean up work before he gets served by Trump’s legal goons.

Make no mistake – Corey Lewandowski hates Paul Manafort and he’s doing all he can to destroy him, even if it means taking Donald Trump down, too.

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